5 Ways That Fires Can Heavily Damage Property

Choosing our team to help with restoration and later construction allows us to be a one-stop-shop for fire restoration and build-back. With many potential loss areas, our Zip Contracting team focuses on several key areas like:

● Fast soot cleanup

● Air filtration and environmental cleaning

● HVAC cleaning

● Repairs

● Full-scale reconstruction

Debris and Water Damage 

Early mitigation services our Zip Contracting team provides for fire damage restoration service in Brampton is debris removal. Clearing heaps of burned materials reduces soot and odor severities. We also use leading extraction equipment to clear standing water and excessive moisture created through the extinguishment process.

Compromised Flooring and Carpets 

Hardwood floors are a common staple throughout many of the homes in the area. Oak, hickory, teak, and ebony woods all provide sturdy bases for your living space but can be easily marred and damaged by charring, blistering, and soot particles. Cleaning these planks is a critical part of the restoration process.

Residue Damage to Ceiling Materials 

During active fires, convection and turbulence of warm and cooler air currents propel soot and smoke damage upwards to the tops of wall surfaces and across ceiling materials. With high-loft ceilings standard with many large Brampton homes, our professionals must provide suitable restoration solutions that reach and ultimately clean exposed beams, wood, and drywall materials.

Crippled Wall Systems 

High-heat fires can leave vertical surfaces like drywall covered in soot and smoke residues. Moreover, the immense pressure of this disaster can force this soil into cracks and crevices that could prove impossible to clean thoroughly. Our reconstruction specialists must often remove and replace portions of wall systems to overcome unsalvageable fire damage conditions. Areas that could be affected include:

● Drywall

● Wood framing

● Electric conduit

● Water lines

● Insulation

The Lingering Harsh Odors 

When odors become trapped in porous and semi-porous materials that cannot be painted or refinished with odor-blocking products, demolition is among the only suitable alternatives. Reconstruction and replacing affected materials can quickly overcome lingering smoke odors after a fire.
No matter how fires damage your home, you can rely on Zip Contracting to help with any restoration or reconstruction needs you might have. We have experience with modern and high-end homes to help however they need when you call (226) 558-1959.

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