Advantages to Getting Your Basement Finished

You might discover there are multiple ways to improve the value and function of your home, and many have found that repurposing an unfinished basement can fit these criteria. As daunting of a task as this might initially seem, our Zip Contracting team helps to remove the stress with experienced personnel in every phase of your project.

Make Your Home Function How You Need

Basement finishing in Mississauga adds function and purpose to the unused space of your residence. With so many working from home with the changing landscapes of safe work environments, and those looking to start or grow a family, homeowners in the Greater Toronto area with unfinished basements have options.

Add Value to the Property 

Finishing a basement is one of the remodelling and renovation projects with a high return on investment (ROI.) While this value changes based on the available square footage and design, increasing the worth of your home for possible buyers or lenders in the future.

 Create a Completely Custom Space 

An advantage to choosing Zip Contracting is our commitment to achieving complete customer satisfaction. Much of this happens by helping customers and homeowners through a nearly endless supply of options, materials, and possible layouts for their space to create a custom build that suits their specific needs completely.

Design to Execution – Zip Contracting 

  • Design Team – Without concrete plans and schematics, your idea might remain unrealized. We have knowledgeable design engineers to bring your vision to life.
  • Demolition – Remodeling and renovation often require the reformation of the structural layout. Controlled demolition carefully limits the removal necessary and ensures the appropriate supports for the house are in place.
  • Installers and Experienced Contractors – We have a variety of experienced personnel representing all construction trades to complete full installs of new projects and remodels.

Unused space in your residence can be a waste of possible value you could add to the structure. Finishing your basement can benefit your home in many ways by adding functionality and living space. Our Zip Contracting team can help you design and construct the ideal use of an unfinished basement. Give us a call today at (226) 558-1959.

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