Bathroom Remodeling for Your Mississauga Home After Water Damage

Disasters Can Make Room for Bathroom Remodeling 

Water disasters like leaks, spills, and flooding can leave your home needing demolition and reconstruction. Zip Contracting provides the highest quality of water damage restoration for all bathroom remdeling services. What better time to start a bathroom remodeling project that you have been considering for your Mississauga home? 

The Demolition Needed for Water Damage Recovery

Bathroom remodeling for Mississauga homes often begins with demolition. As trusted contractors working with professional restoration units serving the Peel Region, Zip Contracting assists first with controlled demolition after significant water damage. Many bathroom elements can be destroyed by persistent water exposure, so we carefully remove these building materials until we have a stable base to rebuild. Bathroom remdeling processes can include: 

  • Removing Flooring

Not every bathroom flooring is waterproof. It can show very quickly when flooding or significant overflow events occur. Absorption into these building materials causes them to warp and distort, requiring them to be pulled up by our team. 

  • Discarding Drywall

Where drywall has become wet, we can cut above it on the panel where the sheetrock dries to only remove the portions that cannot be salvaged. These partial panels are removed from the house and safely discarded to avoid cross-contamination if mold infestations have started. 

  • Pulling Vanities 

Fixtures like the vanity can also absorb water and become heavily damaged by water exposure. It is often easier to pull and replace the entire vanity cabinet than attempt to recover portions of it. Fixtures are important to all bathroom remodeling projects.

An Ideal Time to Remodel 

After the demolition and the discarding are done, what you are left with can appear like a blank canvas of possibility. Zip Contracting professionals work with you to help bring your vision of a newly designed bathroom remodeling to life. We can complete needed repairs to aid in the restoration and recovery but can use this opportunity to help you get back an upgrade from the bathroom remodeling project.

  • New Flooring – If the last flooring you had installed wasn’t waterproof, you might consider changing out for some premium flooring planks or tiles for your bathroom remodel that keep the water out of the subflooring when leaks and spills happen.
  • New Fixtures – Adding a new vanity, shelving, and higher-quality faucets and fixtures provides an instant boost to the appearance and functionality of the space.
  • Layout Changes – When the bathroom walls are down to the framework, there is no better time to reevaluate the layout and space of this often-cramped room. 
  • Upgrades – Beyond the changes to the bathroom’s appearance, we can help you make your bathroom remodel much more luxurious. With installations like steam showers, heated tile floors, and elegant bathtubs, your bathroom can be a haven of relaxation. 

Consider Bathroom Remodeling After Water Damage.

We can help you to make something great out of a damaging situation for your home. After a water damage disaster, you can consider how bathroom remodeling might make sense for your Mississauga home. Call our Zip Contracting team at (226) 558-1959. Bathroom remodeling is a job for Zip Contracting.

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