Choosing Zip Contracting for Bathroom Remodeling in Brampton

Bathroom Remodeling Trends in Your Brampton Home

Bathroom remodelling in Brampton is one of the areas where our Zip Contracting firm can show the full reach of our capabilities beyond post-disaster repairs and build-back services. We are a trusted firm in the Peel Region for our expertise in general contracting and the team’s remodelling and renovation turnaround efficiency. We are reliable and credible, allowing us to provide value beyond our estimated costs for the customer.

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Light Remodeling Changes

No one says that bathroom remodelling in Brampton homes must be a significant undertaking that makes this room inaccessible for weeks. Small changes can often impact your feelings about a smaller space, like the bathroom. New paint on the walls, an accent wall done with wallpaper, a new sink/counter space of the vanity, lighting fixtures, and plumbing fixtures can all be lower-cost options to upgrade the appearance of this high-traffic room of the house.

Replacing Flooring 

The flooring can be one of the more heavily damaged, warped, or worn elements of your current bathroom. Depending on its age, even water-resistant materials or tile work can show signs of its long life, from stained and discoloured grouting to uneven seams of plank flooring. Fresh new flooring can greatly improve the room’s aesthetic along with the new paint already mentioned, even if you plan to do little to change this area of the house.

Upgrading Features of the Bathroom

Specific aspects of your bathroom are worth consideration when contemplating remodelling. The room’s particular features or available space could contribute to creating the best possible environment. Our design team can walk you through significant possible changes that could dramatically alter this room of the house.

  • Shower Stalls – Older bathrooms have become synonymous with a shower/tub combination stall. Modern bathrooms often narrow to having a spacious walk-in shower stall, steam fixtures, and other luxury features.
  • Vanity – The vanity is a preparation space for house members, so it needs sufficient space, storage, and premium lighting options to make it suitable for hair, makeup, and other elements of your morning ritual.
  • Space – Increasing available space in the bathroom is important in creating a relaxing and calming environment. We can consider how to expand and reformat this room with our free estimation.

Zip Contracting for Your Renovation Project

We are proud to set the bar of quality in Brampton and Mississauga, and this encompasses every phase of a new construction project to upgrade a part of your residence. Our competent contracting team ensures jobs are completed within the time frame allotted and that the driving determination of customer satisfaction is as present in the final product as our 100% guarantee. With free estimates from our experienced team, you have nothing to lose in seeing the difference our firm can make.
Zip Contracting helps with bathroom remodelling in Brampton, and we are ready to help you through this process as well when you are ready. Call us for your appointment today at (226) 558-1959.

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