Construction and Repair After Fire Damage in Mississauga

Our contractors can resolve several pressing concerns after fire losses. 

The recovery process from a house fire can be one of the most stressful and disruptive life events ever to endure. In addition to the initial shock of the fire itself, your routine comes to a screeching halt, and your life can remain interrupted for an extended period. At Zip Contracting, our goal is to minimize the stress, interruption and get you back in your home as soon as possible.

Fire Restoration Steps Before Repairs and Rebuilding 

Fire damage restoration for Mississauga properties requires several steps and stages, much of which rely on the repairs and reconstruction necessary. Our team can also help with the mitigation and cleaning needs of the property, such as:

  • Assessment – An inspection conducted by an experienced and certified professional to comprehend the scope of the project.  
  • Structural Cleaning – From removing debris to clearing soot and smoke residues from exposed surfaces, we offer many levels of structural cleaning. We can help mitigate the damage and the necessary cleaning of the house with a faster turnaround. 
  • Odour Removal – Using sophisticated deodorization tools, we can significantly remove smoke odours. 

Where Can Our Contractors Help in Fire-Damaged Ontario Homes? 

There are many areas of a house that can be deeply damaged by rapidly forming fire damage conditions. Regardless of the fire’s catalyst, many installed materials and fixtures can require removal, replacement, or repair. Some of these include:

  • Cabinets 

Instances like kitchen flare-ups can ruin cabinetry and other home fixtures. Blistering of the surfaces can often render the doors or base units of cabinets unsalvageable. We can remove these units, clean the underlying wall surfaces, and replace the kitchen remodeling and repair cabinets.

  • Flooring

Horizontal surfaces can become heavily damaged by migrating fire damage effects like soot and smoke solids. Hardwood requires special creams and pastes for gentle cleaning without harming the underlying material. When necessary, we can also provide controlled demolition of flooring and reinstallation to its original look, or upgrade to newer and more contemporary products. 

  • Wall/Ceiling Systems

Most soot and smoke residue can be effectively removed from wall and ceiling surfaces by cleaning and deodorization. Afterward, surfaces are sealed and painted. Heavy soot concentrations affixed to installed wall and ceiling materials, drywall, and other textiles from high heat and direct fire exposure must usually be repaired by demolition and quality reinstallation.

  • Contents 

Your personal belongings can be heavily damaged by soot and smoke soils. Still, our team of experienced restoration personnel can quickly inventory, neatly pack, and relocate these items when necessary for cleaning and storage in a safe space. You will have full access to them Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm in our care. 

With the considerable challenges of restoring and repairing a home or business after fire damage, our Zip Contracting team has the experience to help. Our crew of mitigators, carpenters, and homebuilders can be reached for emergency services and reconstruction needs 24/7 at (226) 558-1959 .

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