Rebuilding After Water Damage Restoration in Brampton

Often, water damage restoration and recovery go hand in hand with quality reconstruction. As a leading team in the greater Toronto area for repair, reconstruction, and new construction, we are uniquely positioned to help homes after disasters.

The Need for Controlled Demolition During Restoration

As a trusted contractor, we can help during water damage restoration service for Brampton homes. Our initial response to these emergencies allows us to begin efforts like controlled demolition designed to limit the total tear-out necessary when properties suffer water damage. We remove:

  • Sagging materials
  • Damp elements
  • Structurally weakened components

Replacing Wall Assemblies 

After controlled demolition, many portions of wall assemblies like the drywall and OSB board might be removed. With the restoration process nearing completion, focus shifts to rebuilding where it is necessary. Our Zip Contracting team can carefully match existing materials after the reinstallation of base elements. We repaint or refinish installed materials, so it is challenging to tell where damage ever existed.

Reinstalling Hardwood Flooring 

Elements like the hardwood floor can become overwhelmed by water damage as well. When absorption takes place, the controlled demolition phase sees portions of wood flooring removed plank by plank until the established dry line is reached. When it is time for reinstallation, we secure the appropriate type and style of flooring to replace the damaged portions rather than the entire floor when possible.

Is It Time for a Plumbing System Upgrade? 

If issues led to the need for water damage restoration in your home, it could be time to consider addressing these concerns at the source. Older homes built more than 30 years ago tend to feature plumbing materials that are no longer the best choice on the market. Instead, a plastic, flexible alternative provides better protection from the elements and avoids buildup in the lines. If you have one of these types of plumbing materials, Zip can help you upgrade to a better option:

  • Lead
  • Copper
  • Steel
  • Galvanized Metal

There is much needed for a construction team after water damage restoration in area homes. Zip Contracting is a trusted name to help in nearly all phases of this recovery, and we are ready for your call at (226) 558-1959.

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