Water Damage Restoration – Mississauga Homes

Our fast response and expertise help Mississauga homes overcome water damage. 

When water damage incidents occur, it can be beneficial to pursue a team of professionals capable of helping with restoration and repair. Our roster of professionals has experience and training to help mitigate water losses fast. 

Clearing Standing Water Concerns

Zip Contracting works fast to eliminate the most pressing threats to your home with our water damage restoration service for Mississauga properties. Standing water is a substantial threat for structures, allowing moisture to overwhelm porous building materials. We use several extraction devices to help, including:

Removing Trapped Water in Building Materials

Because much of plumbing systems are neatly stashed behind walls and ceilings, many of these nearby and surrounding materials can become heavily damaged when a leak occurs. Water trapped in structural cavities must be drained to avoid costly absorption into elements like wood framing. Some of the specialty tools that can help remove trapped moisture in materials include:

  • Drying mats
  • Wall cavity drying systems
  • Positive/negative pressure systems
  • Air movers

Plumbing System Repairs 

Situations like pipe bursts from freezing or a leaking line will both require some form of repair and reconstruction. Once the plumbing network is accessible through the wall assembly and the water flow to the compromised portion has been halted, we can cut out the problem area and replace it with new connectors, compression fittings, or soldering.  

Reconstruction Needs After Restoration

As one of the trusted contractors for the Peel Region and the Greater Toronto area, we are capable of helping with post-disaster reconstruction and repair. Prolonged moisture exposure can render sheetrock materials, trim, and insulation unsalvageable. Our Zip team will remove and discard these compromised materials and reinstall them once the surrounding area has been sufficiently dried. 
Whether it is the restoration homes need after water damages or build-back services and reconstruction, Zip Contracting is a one-stop shop for recovery and cleanup. Our professionals are standing by now to help at (226) 558-1959. 

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