Fire Damage Restoration Services

Fire Damage Tarping, Boarding and Repairs

A house fire can be one of the most traumatic, stressful, tragic experiences that we ever face. For a business, a fire can affect hundreds of lives; in fact, many small businesses never recover.

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When there has been a fire at your home or business, the damage is often extensive. There can be damage from smoke, soot, and corrosion caused by the fire. There can also be water damage caused by the water used to put out the fire. You can even have structural damage to walls, ceilings, and the roof. Our fire damage restoration company can take care of all of these types of damage from a fire. We proudly serve Brampton and Mississauga, ON

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Assessing the Damage

Zip Contracting will inspect the damage and then will begin the restoration. All your personal or business belongings will be removed from the premises and analyzed to see whether they can be restored. Those things that can be saved will be taken to our site to be cleaned and restored.

damage inspector assessing fire damage

Soot Cleaning and Deodourization

Many household items can be restored. Furnishings, fixtures, appliances, clothing, dishes and other items that have a coating of soot or are only lightly charred can often be partially or completely cleaned, deodourized, and restored. Electronics, photographs, and documents can also often be restored. Non-salvageable building materials will be removed; non-restorable items will be inventoried and set aside to await your decision on retention or disposal.

cleaning fire damage in bathroom, chandelier, computer parts

Repair and Restoration

Life can be returned to normal. Buildings can be rebuilt. After cleaning, all damage to the premises will be repaired. This can include structural damage to the roof or other areas. Cosmetic damage will also be repaired, and the items, such as carpet or flooring, will be replaced.

“Hope springs eternal.”

“Repairing broken dreams and bringing new ones to fruition.”

fire damage restoration before
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fire damage restoration after photo white walls and new windows
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Zip Contracting Can Help With Fire Damaged Properties

If you have had fire damage to you Mississauga – Brampton area home or business, contact Zip Contracting. We are experienced in fire damage restoration and can help you get your place completely restored to your satisfaction.

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