Full-Service Restoration Contractor Benefits

By examining common fire recovery steps, it is clear how restoration and construction help Ontario houses.

Kitchen fires are a common callout for the Brampton and Mississauga areas, making it a situation our diverse team of restorers and contractors must address immediately. Blazes can spread quickly with porous and readily used building materials in modern buildings like drywall, granite/laminate countertops, and particleboard/pine cabinets. 

Soot Cleaning and Residue Removal

Between counteractant products, cleaning, and smoke deposit removal, the soot and smoke soil removal processes are the most intricate after fire damage in Brampton homes. While many properties might be getting cleaned for home renovation needs after these disasters, fire damage restoration service in Mississauga leans on specific restoration practices experienced Zip technicians complete, such as:

  • Clearing Damaging Soils
  • Dry-Cleaning with Chem Sponges
  • Wet Cleaning with Detergents and Solvents
  • Controlled Demolition 

Clearing Damage to Cabinets 

Kitchen flare-ups produce heavy smoke and soot soils, primarily sticky, protein-based residues that adhere to vertical and horizontal surfaces in the damaged space. Fixtures, shelving, and cabinet boxes exposed to these greasy soils are often easier to uninstall and replace than refinish. With these base and hanging units removed, Zip can help customers realize their desires for custom cabinetry with efficient design and installation personnel. 

Fire Damage to Flooring

Resting soot damage can be a dramatic and destructive circumstance to fire-damaged homes, especially on horizontal surfaces like the flooring. Heaping soot particles can often be removed first with HEPA vacuums and wet or dry cleaning solutions. Permanent damage to flooring is possible, which requires a range of cleaning and reconstruction steps. Common materials include: 

Hardwood: One benefit to damaged hardwood is that the entire flooring does not require demolition if only part of it is affected. Controlled demolition focuses on creating stable and undamaged edges to reinstall new flooring alongside the original.  

Carpeting: While carpeting is less common in kitchens, adjoining rooms and space in the house through structural openings leave this highly sensitive and frequent-use flooring susceptible to permanent damage. We can pull up carpet room by room and reinstall it once fire restoration completes. 

Concrete: Concrete kitchen floors can be permanently stained by thick abrasive soot residues after fire losses. Demolition of these materials can be labour-intensive, so we work to clear soils as quickly as possible to protect the underlying finished concrete. 

Smoke Odour Removal and Content Recovery

The odour that smoke can generate seems exclusively a restoration concern, though many additional actions ranging from flood restoration to smoke smell elimination are greatly aided by removing the most heavily soiled surfaces. Collecting, neutralizing, and discarding smoke residues removes the threats of active fire damage while creating a stable platform for efficient restoration. 

Starting from the Ground Up 

While Zip always seeks to restore first, our capabilities as a renowned contractor for fire damage restoration in Mississauga allow us to complete the spectrum of repairs and full-scale reconstruction necessary after a fire. It is often essential to gut a home to its structural framework and even its foundation to reconstruct with severe events. Our team of contractors includes: 

  • Plumbers
  • Carpenters 
  • Masons
  • Electricians
  • General Contracting Specialists

Fires are destructive and devastating to homes throughout the Greater Toronto area. With many homes experiencing moisture and cool temperatures, developing fire losses can produce a smoldering flame that leaves wet smoke damage behind. Our Zip Contracting team helps with every aspect of repair and restoration, so call us today at (226) 558-1959.

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