Home Renovation Brampton 

We help you through the planning and construction of remodeling projects to add value to your home. 

Understanding where home renovation and remodeling work can benefit your household and its functionality can be vital in moving forward. Many construction projects never leave the planning stage because homeowners lack the correct information and helpful guidance to choose materials, design the project, and execute the construction. Our Zip Contracting team helps by showing your options, answering your questions, and meeting your needs through all project phases. 

What Home Renovations in Brampton Have a Solid Return on Investment (ROI)? 

Not every home renovation in Brampton needs to completely change your residence to make a difference in its value and the return on your investment. There are several approaches our Zip team can help with that can improve the overall value of your property, including:

●  Replacing Garage Doors

●  Adding Vinyl Siding

●  Curb Appeal Improvements

●  Small Kitchen Remodels

●  Installing Hardwood Flooring

How Long Do Home Renovations Take? 

How long renovations and new construction ultimately take involves the calculation of several variables. This determination begins with the work to be done and the included areas of the property. If a homeowner is displaced during rebuilds or new remodeling projects, it presents a more urgent timeline for completing the work.

How Is Professional Contracting Beneficial to Peel Region Properties? 

We are so proud of the communities we serve throughout the Peel Region. Our Zip team is not satisfied until you are. We are leading reconstruction professionals throughout Ontario. Do-it-yourself construction can lack efficiency and often be more challenging and complicated than the average homeowner can accomplish. Resale value is negatively impacted if renovations are not up to building codes or fall short of top quality. Zip Contracting is certified in property damage restoration as well as a licensed building renovator. Our experience and knowledge help to get the job done right from start to finish. When completed properly, a renovation adds value to your home and greater satisfaction as the homeowner. 

Is Home Renovation Advisable After a Damaging Disaster?

Disasters can happen quickly, including structural fires and water damage incidents. When substantial demolition is necessary to recover property, it can be an ideal opportunity for remodeling and home renovation, including changing even the layout of the structure. In addition to returning the house to normal in an emergency, we can help customers through the red tape of insurance claims, protecting their contents, and creating detailed estimates. When you feel like home renovation could add value to your property or increase its functionality, our Zip Contracting team can help. We are available for visits and estimates by email or phone at (226) 558-1959

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