Mississauga Bathroom Remodeling Trends

Bathroom Remodeling Trends for Ontario

Every year, new trends and changes influence the bathroom remodelling in Mississauga homes and businesses. Our attuned professionals are knowledgeable in popular materials and layouts to provide ideal solutions to revamping entire rooms of your residence. We consult with our potential clients to help them understand the scope of their options, amenities, materials, and reconstruction layout.

Why Remodel the Bathroom?

Bathroom remodelling for Mississauga homes is unnecessary for every household, so when is it right for you? Many property owners consider reimagining the layout and construction of this room when many of the room’s fixtures, cabinetry, plumbing, and features have become dated. Necessity might play a part as well, as older occupants might benefit from removing a shower/tub combination and having a walk-in shower stall instead.

Trusted Design Team and Contractors

Choosing Zip Contracting as the premier bathroom remodelling in Mississauga utilizes our full spectrum of resources like the design team, financing division, and construction crews to bring a renovation to life. We offer thorough consultations to walk customers through the construction process from planning to execution, including choosing materials and learning what options exist to make your bathroom even more luxurious than its new appearance.  

Top Bathroom Trends in the Peel Region

Each year ushers in considerable changes in popular installations for remodels and renovations. Anticipating these theme fluctuations allows us to give customers the appropriate information like the latest installed amenities, luxurious materials, trending colour ranges, and cost-effective paths to creating their vision. Growing trends seen by a remodeler in Mississauga include:

Spacious Rooms  

Increasing the overall size of the bathroom alone can breathe some new life. Our professionals can demolish exterior walls and move them outward, providing a wider workspace for newly installed fixtures and aesthetic additions.

Oversized Stalls

Walk-in showers are a staple of the modern bathroom. They not only provide practical entry for those that might struggle with higher-walled options, but oversized stalls allow for multiple shower head types to suit all house occupants.

Standalone Tubs

Whirlpool bathtubs and luxury standalone units add a relaxing element to a newly renovated bathroom area. These come in multiple styles and colours to suit a range of themes.

Natural Light

Artificial lighting will always be an element of daily use in rooms like the bathroom. However, skylights and windows allow a greater natural light exposure that can make almost any space more attractive.

Experienced Craftsmanship

The experience of the contractors coming to help with the remodel and renovation of your household is a vital consideration. Our Zip Contracting team has years of hands-on work to make us a trusted name in the Greater Toronto area for construction and water damage repairs. We are ready to help you with your home improvement project’s efficient design and execution when you call (226) 558-1959.

Post-Disaster Cleanup and Reconstruction

One of the best times to consider bathroom remodelling in Mississauga homes is following unexpected disasters like water leaks. The bathroom can be a large factor in damage to your home in this regard, so instead of just returning the structure to its original condition, this can be a cost-efficient time to consider renovation when demolition occurs.

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