Overcoming Smoke Effects During Fire Damage Restoration in Mississauga

Zip Contracting Provides Fire Damage Restoration in Mississauga

It’s a common misconception that once firefighters extinguish a blaze, they contain the damage. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Much of the damage caused by a fire is not from the flames themselves but from the lingering smoke residue. That soot and smoke damage can continue to wreak havoc on your home long after first responders put it out. It’s vital to take swift action to address any smoke damage to prevent it from worsening.

The need for repairs, demolition, and reconstruction makes Mississauga fire damage restoration processes complex and involved. Smoke can spread to other rooms and nearby buildings, causing harm and destruction. This movement is widespread in wildfires, where the smoke can reach far beyond the initial fire zone. Many homes and businesses throughout Canada have been dealing with wildfire cleanup for months after recent disasters. Having experienced reconstruction and repair assistance nearby is critical when emergencies occur, and Zip Contracting is here for you. 

Containment For Fire Damage Restoration Services

Did you know that smoke can contain multiple types of acids? It all depends on the fire that caused it, but you can typically expect to find acids related to carbon and sulfur. Even more alarming is that smoke that is not acidic can still harm you. It is crucial to be cautious around smoke and take necessary precautions to protect yourself and your family. We can handle the fire damage restoration containment measures to keep smoke from continually spreading to new areas. 

We can: 

  • Seal HVAC returns and openings
  • Complete board-up and sealing needs for the house
  • Contain the workspaces with temporary construction

Smoke can impact the metal in your home. Whether from a small kitchen fire or a larger one, the effect can range from tarnishing to full-on corrosion. This chemical process can affect everything from doorknobs and fittings to pipes and other structural elements. Corroded pipes can even lead to leaks, which can cause water damage and more headaches for you. Zip crew members are ready for emergency repairs and controlled demolition requirements early in restoration of fire damage. 

Smoke can cause permanent discoloration of certain materials commonly used in homes. These include plastics and marble used in countertops and tiles. This discoloration can start to occur in minutes. Even hardwood floors are not immune to the effects of smoke, as they are also porous in most cases. While a good cleaning and deodorizing may do the trick in some situations, there are times when the floor needs to be refinished or even replaced. We can evaluate material integrity and salvageability to replace what must get reinstalled. Our fire damage restoration specialists are certified for all fire services. Smoke can be hazardous and destructive to your Mississauga home, which is why our Zip Contracting team is a trusted crew to help. We train in mitigation solutions and emergency repairs to minimize the harmful effects of spreading smoke damage in a home after a fire. We are here to help when needed – call us at (226) 558-1959.

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