Kitchen Remodeling for Brampton Homes

Multiple factors play into a desire to pursue kitchen remodelling. In some situations like water damage services needed for your home, the want for new cabinets, countertops, flooring, and fixtures can be enough to set Zip Contracting in motion to help you redesign your tired kitchen.

Replacing the Flooring 

One of the first high-yield approaches for kitchen remodelling in Brampton homes is replacing the floors. Our controlled demolition approach carefully pulls up installed materials to avoid damage to fixtures like the island or cabinets. We can install the appropriate underlayment material based on the chosen new look when the subflooring is reached. Popular kitchen flooring includes:

  • Ceramic tile
  • Finished concrete
  • Water-resistant vinyl plank flooring

New Fixtures and Lighting

Lighting is not universal. Many homes, however, feature longer light fixtures with tube bulbs that provide a broader output than other styles. With many modern remodels switching to LEDs, you do not have to give up this brighter light. Our contractors can retrofit these fixtures with new ballasts and connection points if you prefer your current look.

Resurfacing the Walls of the Kitchen

Years of cooking and activity can leave traditional white walls in your kitchen tinged and unattractive. When you are replacing cabinets and countertops to improve the room’s appeal, this is a great opportunity for our Zip team to repaint your kitchen walls with a complementing shade. This new splash of colour will revitalize the room and is a minor enhancement while the wall is exposed.

Backsplash Accents Complete Your Motif

While the literal backsplash installed directly behind the sink serves the purpose of protecting the drywall from consistent water damage, modern kitchens have seen the tiling or veneer extend beyond to create an attractive wall surface between the counters and the upper cabinets.
There are many options to consider that can breathe new life into the same kitchen you have been cooking for several years. This being one of the most active rooms of the house and often a hangout spot for the guests and family. Shouldn’t this be a room you invest in? Let our Zip Contracting team help you put your best aesthetic foot forward with serious upgrades to a tired kitchen area. Call us today at (226) 558-1959. 

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