Several Reasons for Home Renovations in Brampton

Home Renovations in Brampton by Zip Contracting

Property damages can be distressing for homeowners due to their unexpected nature. However, in times of crisis comes opportunity. Restoring a damaged home provides a chance to rebuild, renovate and remodel certain aspects. Home renovations in Brampton by Zip Contracting can add as much as 30% to the value of your property. Prime areas for repurposing into living spaces or extra rooms can include cellars, garages, and lofts. Take the step to improve your home’s property value by attaining a high ROI return on investment and enjoy your enhanced surroundings.

Many aspects of mitigation when dealing with a damaged property lend themselves perfectly to home renovation here in Brampton. For example, a sewer backup may damage your washroom’s tiles and sealants. During the mitigation procedure, technicians may remove tiles and grout to dry the room and prevent long-term moisture damage. Using this opportunity to renovate or remodel your washroom can be prudent. Either by replacing tiles with higher quality materials such as granite and marble or redesigning the space to give it a more modern feel and look. 

Raising Property Values in your home renovation (according to property price advice)

  • Converting a garage or loft or extending your kitchen can add up to 15% to the overall value of your property.
  • Opening up spaces by removing unnecessary walls and renovating washrooms can increase a property value by 3% to 5%.
  • Re-landscaping your front or back garden by installing decking can improve your quality of life and your home’s value.

Zip Contracting has professionally qualified technicians for home renovation and is a licensed remodeler. Our technicians are available twenty-four hours a day and hold nationally recognized certification from the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). We can guide you from the gritty process of repairing property damages from mold, water, fire, or natural disasters to the transformative remodelling process.

Zip Contracting Offers Seamless Transition for Your Home Renovation

Using a licensed restorer and renovator allows you to only deal with one point of contact throughout the process, making communication more accessible and efficient. Our technicians are local and understand your property’s architecture, which gives us the edge for all of your home renovation needs in Brampton. Once your home renovation in Brampton plans and blueprints are agreed upon, we can quickly work on removing existing building assembly components and replacing them with the agreed-upon materials and structure. We provide a seamless transition for your home renovation dream.

  • Some construction actions may require planning permission which usually only applies to extensions and other additions to the existing structure.
  • Remodelling existing spaces such as kitchens and washrooms rarely require planning permission making the process quick and easy.
  • We have experience installing and acquiring building materials such as marble, granite, hardwoods, and tile. 

A property disaster can be an excellent opportunity to add value to your home. At Zip Contracting, we are qualified to assess, design, and remodel your home renovation and provide vital emergency mitigation and repairs. We can perform physical reconstruction or extensions to an existing site. Equally, we can accomplish time-efficient remodelling of kitchens, bathrooms, and living spaces to suit modern households and homeowners. We deliver home renovation dreams for our Brampton customers.

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