Dangerous Structural Concerns During Water Damage Restoration

Zip Addresses Threats During Water Damage Restoration

Water damage moves fast through a residence and impacts many building materials immediately. As leading repair and reconstruction specialists for the Peel Region, our Zip Contracting team must be mindful of structural integrity and the condition of installed materials to make the most thoughtful and cost-conscious choices for your water damage restoration project in Brampton.

Wet Carpeting Concerns 

Water damage restoration for Brampton homes can often begin with the flooring. Specific installations are highly porous and quickly overrun by spreading water in a household. Carpeting cannot survive long-term exposure to water damage as the layers break down and deteriorate. In addition to the degradation of the carpet and padding underneath, saturated carpeting is also likely to produce mold. Zip evaluates the flooring condition and pulls up carpets and padding where needed to protect the subflooring.

How Wood Responds to Water Damage Restoration

Wood is another element likely to show the effects of water exposure significantly. The flooring of this type can be the most heavily saturated by moisture, as this is where water will collect during a loss event. Saturation causes cupping, warping, and buckling of the wood planks involved. Once these physical signs exist, restorers can no longer salvage the original planks, and new flooring is necessary. Water damage restoration for wood is no easy task; you should leave it to the professionals.

The Impact of Water on Painted Surfaces

Painted drywall is another common element throughout the modern household, where water damage can significantly impact the structure’s appearance. Water exposure highly damages the drywall, so we remove many wet materials like this. In addition, moisture damage on the surface can impact the layer of paint before reaching the drywall underneath, causing the coating to bubble and begin peeling.

Is Mold Growth a Concern? 

Our contractors must also be mindful of mold development. Mold on surfaces poses a threat to the occupants of the house, so our team must remove moldy materials that restoration professionals cannot remediate. We also provide long-term solutions through repairs and new construction that manages known or suspected moisture penetration points. Some common materials hosting microbial colonies include:

  • Drywall
  • Carpeting
  • Trim
  • Fabrics

With extensive demolition and reconstruction experience, Zip Contracting is a trusted choice for water damage restoration services following water and flood damage. Moisture can significantly threaten a household through deterioration, saturation, and mold development. You can call us to help when disasters strike that require immediate assistance and emergency repairs at (226) 558-1959.

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