Trauma Scene Cleaning

We understand that the unimaginable can happen. When your life changes in ways you never imagined, we are here to step in and help you with our trauma scene cleaning service. We serve the Greater Toronto Area.

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What Is Trauma Scene Cleaning?

The aftermath of a tragic incident can often leave behind blood, bodily fluids, and tissue as well as other biological contaminants and odours spread throughout the area where the incident occurred. Some trauma scene cleanup entails fingerprint dust, pepper spray residue, or chemicals that are the leftovers of a drug lab. The waste from a trauma scene cleanup is regarded as medical waste and must be handled accordingly. Trauma scene cleaning removes all traces of the trauma.

How Do We Clean Up a Trauma Scene?

Our qualified team goes in after crime scene investigators leave. We wear the appropriate personal protective equipment, clean and sanitize every surface, deodourize the environment, and properly dispose of contaminated materials that cannot be restored.

We Are Here to Take Care of the Unimaginable for You

Experiencing a trauma can paralyze you, but our trauma scene cleaning company can help you start putting your life back together. Our job is to clean up the remnants of any trauma so that you can start moving forward. Please contact us today to get an estimate on the type of trauma cleanup we can do for you.

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