Turning Disaster into a Fresh Start: Mississauga Home Remodeler

Post-Fire Remodeler Services 

No one wants to see their home suffering the effects of a fire, but if you were considering a remodel or renovation to the property, this could be an opportune time to complete it. Caring for your home after a damaging fire often involves controlled demolition and material discarding. As a trusted remodeler, Zip Contracting can help you understand your options to turn bad to better.

What Is Missing After a Fire? 

It does not take a remodeler for Mississauga homes to understand the destructive capacity of a fire. As a property owner, you see the damage that combustion does to your house and belongings. High-heat fires can be particularly destructive to standard building materials. Some of the structural elements most likely to be destroyed include:

  • Drywall
  • Flooring
  • Ceiling Systems
  • Fixtures

The Advantage of Post-Fire Remodeling 

Renovations to your home can be intrusive and invasive, requiring removing wall systems and more to accommodate a changing floor plan. With so much missing after fire restoration begins, Zip Contracting can use this start on the demolition process as a time-saving solution to achieve more efficient remodel results.

Zip Contracting Helps Remodel Your Home 

Our experienced contractors can help take advantage of the work we must do in specific areas of your home to help with possible remodeling and renovation desires moving forward. Some areas are commonly renovated after a fire:

  • Bathroom – Bathroom fires are unique because many different types of materials can be impacted. Soot-damaged elements like vanities and shelving must be discarded and replaced with new fixtures. 
  • Bedroom – Did a fire decide to remove the decades-dated theme of your bedroom? We can use a gutted main bedroom as an open floor plan for installing a bathroom, increasing the size of your bedroom, or changing up fundamental elements like wiring and lighting.
  • Kitchen – Grease fires spread rapidly through the kitchen, requiring much in the way of demolition for cabinets, countertops, flooring, and more. Removed elements like these create an easy path for installing new cabinetry, installing more attractive flooring, and replacing appliances.
  • Attic – Fires in the attic can be destructive to flooring, trusses, plywood underlayment, insulation, and more. We have to remove these elements, and the remaining skeletal structure becomes a stable foundation for a finished attic if you need more living space. 

While a fire can be devastating and destructive, it does not have to be all bad. The demolition necessary to clean and restore after significant structure fires can leave your home uniquely ready for remodeling and renovation. Give our Zip Contracting team a call to help rebuild your life at (226) 558-1959.

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