Flooring and Water Damage: What Ontario Residents Need to Know

Replacing Floors Amid Water Damage Restoration

Water damage reconstruction and restoration are both widely needed after severe water damage. The immediate impact on building materials can be devastating, from leaking appliances to decimated plumbing. We have experienced professionals of our Zip Contracting team to complete build-back services that aid the water damage restoration service for your Brampton property.

Water Damage Can Destroy Flooring

Before water damage restoration services in Brampton homes can get started, however, an understanding of the disaster is necessary. Water can spread quickly through a structure, causing extreme deterioration, warping, and weakening. Our contractors must determine what materials should be removed and discarded to provide the most efficient recovery of the property.

Repairs Needed Alongside Restoration

While many focus on the restoration needs of the house when water damage spreads through the property, the reconstruction and repair services we provide are also vital. Much of the work that we do initially can pave the way for efficient recovery and cleanup. When it comes to managing water’s impact on the flooring, our repair and reconstruction process happens in three direct stages:

  • Removing Portions of Flooring – Depending on the severity of the water damage, only portions of wet flooring might need to be removed and replaced. Before we partially deconstruct the flooring, we ensure that a matching product is available to replace it when the process is complete.
  • Assessing the Subflooring – Water damage might be contained to the surface materials covering the floors, but subflooring could also be affected. We must also evaluate if the OSB board or plywood underneath wet carpets and plank flooring requires replacement.
  • Replacing Materials – Our Zip Contracting team reinstalls the flooring materials with a dry and stable foundation. If only a portion of the flooring was removed, we carefully colour or print match to provide a seamless finished product.

Working with Restoration Professionals

We have a relationship with trusted restoration professionals like SERVPRO to complete the recovery and restoration of your home efficiently. We work alongside these experienced technicians to complete the necessary tear-out, repairs, and reconstruction. This joint effort ensures that when restoration processes are complete, we are immediately available to begin build-back services without delay. Post-water damage restoration and reconstruction get your home back to normal after disasters. Zip Contracting and our trusted restoration partners work side-by-side to complete complex recovery tasks to make this stressful time shorter for your family. Give us a call when disasters strike at (226) 558-1959.

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