Flood Damage Causes and Repairs

Common Repairs Needed After Water Damage Restoration

Repairs and water damage go hand-in-hand. When you experience water and moisture damage throughout the house, you need recovery specialists trained in reconstruction to help. Zip Contracting can help with the full spectrum of water damage restoration services required for leaks and broken appliances in your home. Our work with trusted restoration providers in the Greater Toronto area lets you return to normal life faster. 

Water Damage Restoration Service as a Contractor

Water damage restoration service for Mississauga homes is more than just the drying and cleanup that recovery specialists can perform. Repairs and reconstruction play a vital part in the process. Zip is one of the leading teams in the region to complete emergency services and ongoing construction services throughout the restoration process. Some of these can include:

  • Controlled demolition
  • Content pack-out
  • Emergency repairs
  • Debris removal
  • Bulk material disposal
  • Reconstruction

Pipe Leaks and Bursts 

Pipe leaks, drips, and bursts can be a common way for water to damage your residence. With so much of the plumbing in your home stashed in the wall systems for aesthetic appeal, it becomes critical to quickly identify where the pipe damage exists to provide fast uncovering and repairs to the pipes. We use controlled demolition techniques to remove small portions of drywall where possible. Then we can access damaged plumbing for replacement and repair directly. 

Broken and Damaged Appliances 

Water-fed appliances are in several locations throughout your house, and something as simple as a busted hose or missing gasket could lead to substantial water damage. Flooring and wall systems nearby are often the most heavily impacted by appliance water damage, so we assess the salvageability of these components and remove them when necessary. Replacing missing materials follows when the structure is dried and cleaned. 

Building Envelope Failures 

Another common way that water damage can impact your home is when the building envelope fails. Structural weakening and vulnerabilities can allow for water penetration and flooding to occur. Our repair services begin with board up and tarping of these damaged elements but become full reconstruction and repairs as needed to get the house sealed back up. 

Zip Contacting Can Help Water Damage Restoration

When you need reconstruction and repair, you want assurance the job gets done right the first time. We are experienced and certified professionals to perform all needed build-back services, providing end-to-end coverage and support for restoring and recovering your water-damaged home. 

Water damage restoration services for Mississauga homes are much more than cleaning the structure and drying surfaces. Our Zip Contracting team effectively helps repair and reconstruct your property needs after the worst that water can do. Call us today at (226) 558-1959.

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