Invasive Kitchen Remodeling Brampton

Discovering your reason for a remodel can show where changes are needed in your Brampton kitchen. 

Even with some of the spacious kitchens in the large homes found in Brampton, there are many ways that this high-traffic room might not be meeting your needs. Determining what this area of the house needs to function at the highest levels and provide the best for the family can show glaring requirements of remodeling or renovations.

Improving the Look of the Flooring

What was attractive in a Brampton kitchen decades ago can show its wear and age in your modern home. One of the best methods of providing a facelift to a tired-looking kitchen is to replace the flooring with one of many attractive new materials like ceramic tiles, luxury vinyl planks, or water-resistant hardwood. The process begins with careful, controlled demolition of the existing floors down to subflooring so that supporting pads, underlayment, and surface materials are installed at the right height for transitioning to neighbouring rooms.

Adequate Workspace with Attractive Countertops 

Much like the flooring, your kitchen is also defined by surfaces like your countertops. Countertop replacement can help improve the attractiveness of your kitchen area and provide an adequate workspace for meal preparations. Custom widths can add to the overall surface area to increase the functionality and possibilities of your kitchen without being more invasive and time consuming like full remodeling. Some of the top options for counter materials include:

  • Granite
  • Butcher’s block
  • Concrete
  • Marble
  • Recycled Glass

Increased Storage with Custom Cabinetry

Barring the complete redesign of the room with a new layout and added features like an island, customizing the cabinets to your precise specifications and appearance can be one of the most dramatic ways to change your kitchen. With hundreds of options and premium materials, our Zip Contracting team can work with you to build the storage and function you want most for your home’s kitchen.

Being one of the most high-trafficked areas of your Brampton home, the kitchen is often a target of remodeling and renovation projects. Our design team and contracting personnel can help you through every phase of the planning and execution of this upgrade. Give our Zip Contracting team a call to set up your consultation today at (226) 558-1959.

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