When a Brampton House Fire Requires Kitchen Remodeling

How Zip Helps with Your Kitchen Remodeling Needs

Kitchen remodeling for your Brampton home might be needed after a flare-up on your stove. Grease fires can spread rapidly from the source and be challenging to put out immediately, allowing several types of damage. Repairs and remodelling are often necessary following demolition required from:

  • Surface Soils 
  • Fire Suppressant Residues
  • Grease 
  • Destroyed Structure
  • Offensive Trapped Odors

Demolition Needed for Your Kitchen Remodeling Project

Kitchen remodeling for Brampton homes begins with removing the materials too heavily damaged to preserve. Grease residues and odors heavily impact cabinets near the stove. We unscrew cabinets from the walls and dispose of them when they cannot be cleaned. Demolition like this exposes the wall systems for evaluation. We determine if they also must be partially removed to eliminate stubborn fire and smoke damage. 

Grease and soot residues settle on the flooring materials as smoke solids and particles fall out of the air. Zip Contracting experts must often pull up flooring when staining and marring occur. Subflooring can be covered to prevent further contamination until we start the build-back process. 

A Fresh Start for Your Kitchen 

Many see the silver lining in the damage and destruction of a fire loss event in the kitchen. With wall systems torn down to the studs and the subflooring exposed to eliminate contaminated and ruined materials, kitchen remodelling becomes a much easier transition. We can take advantage of the compromised state of your property to rebuild better than before. 

  • Layout – Zip Contracting professionals can reconfigure the design of your kitchen when it is torn down to the framework. Increasing the square footage and rearranging the placement of cabinetry and fixtures are common considerations.
  • Upgrade Features – Remodelling upgrades kitchen amenities to suit modern needs. Appliances can be built into the cabinetry; islands can be installed with range tops to allow for more counter space elsewhere. We can help you design the ideal kitchen when build-back starts. 
  • Premium Materials – Remodelling allows us to improve and upgrade features of your kitchen that have become dated over your years of living there. Laminate flooring, worn cabinets, and scuffed countertops fit this description. We transform your kitchen beyond how it used to look.

Kitchen fires can lead to a pressing need for repairs and reconstruction. Zip Contracting specialists are licensed and certified to help with all facets of the build-back process. We can help you get life back to normal after a fire when you call (226) 558-1959.

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