Zip Contracting Fire Damage Restoration Service in Brampton

Who Does Fire Damage Restoration Services in Brampton

When fire damage restoration service in Brampton homes begins, there are many roles to play for the team attuned to construction. Zip Contracting is experienced in repairs and build-back services which allows us to help the restoration process along with: 

  • Controlled Demolition
  • Emergency Repairs/Temporary Construction
  • Full Build-Back Services

What is Controlled Demolition?

Controlled demolition is one of the earliest actions that professionals can take for fire damage restoration service in Brampton homes involving assessing the condition of damaged materials in the house. Often, fires leave structural elements ready to collapse or give way under the weight of responding restoration professionals. Removing these elements and any debris caused by them allows an easier transition to restoration services.

Completing Needed Emergency Repairs 

After a fire, there are many reasons to protect the property and its structural elements from further harm. Moving quickly with experienced contractors allows us to complete emergency repairs that can preserve aspects of the house and reduce the full reconstruction necessary.

  • Plumbing – When the plumbing becomes damaged, often with PVC, Zip Contracting must replace these elements before this vital service in the house can be turned back on.
  • Patching Roof Damage – Fires can often damage elements at the highest levels, including the roof. When vulnerabilities exist here, it can allow water penetration into the attic. We can patch these holes until full build-back can occur.
  • Board-up Services – Board-up services exist to seal over openings in the structure from missing windows, damaged doorways, and other areas where animals or people might enter the vacated home.

Fully Rebuilding Fire Damage Restoration Service in Brampton 

Fires can destroy the structural integrity of a home, so there are instances where losses lead to the full reconstruction and replacement of assemblies for wall and ceiling systems. The controlled demolition process left solid foundational elements to affix new building materials to, such as headers and studs unaffected by the fire. The more load-bearing elements that can be preserved and used as a starting point for new construction, the faster this construction completes.

Our fire damage restoration service for Brampton homes showcases our construction experience as a local remodeler. Our Zip Contracting team can overcome several types of fire loss effects and rebuild damaged portions of your home. Call us at (226) 558-1959.

A Team You Can Trust

Choosing Zip Contracting to help with fire damage reconstruction and restoration means entrusting our professionals to protect what matters most to customers. As a leading recovery team and remodeler for the Peel Region and the Greater Toronto area, we have the experience, certifications, and licenses to get you back to normal life fast.

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