Zip Contracting Is a Trusted Brampton Remodeler

Do You Need a Remodeler in Brampton?

Whether following up after a disaster destroys portions of your Peel Region home or you discover that your kitchen or bathroom could use a facelift, our Zip Contracting team is there to help. We encourage customers to evaluate the condition of their kitchen for some of the telling signs that show where new construction and renovation could improve property value or your quality of life.

Signs That You Might Need a Remodeler

Some look towards pursuing a Brampton remodeler as the idea hits their heads, but many wait for telling signs that kitchen renovation is necessary. Most homeowners can evaluate the condition of their home based on these listed items to see how restoration and repairs can get underway. Some of the signs that professionals like Zip should be helping include: 

  • Worn Flooring – Foot traffic can ruin linoleum, break tiles, or otherwise permanently mar the installed flooring materials. 
  • Stained/Damaged Counters – Countertops are semi-porous, especially those on the cheaper side. Years of use can result in several stains or damages that Zip contractors must work around.
  • Scratched/Faded Cabinets – Wear and tear on the cabinetry is another sign that the kitchen could use attention. 
  • Dated Fixtures – Time can often be an indicator that changes are needed. Aging appliances, fixtures, and building materials can stand out over the years. 
  • Inadequate Lighting – The scope of lighting for heavy traffic areas of your house has changed dramatically over the years, so you do not have to cook in dim lighting.
  • Insufficient Storage and Space – You might just find that you have outgrown your kitchen to the point where available space is inadequate.

How Can Zip Contracting Help?

Now that you know your home could use a makeover do not wait to see about your options. You can work directly with our administration and design team to start pulling the ideas together into a full project. We help customers understand the full measure of their options to have a final product they are proud to show off and even happier to use. We can help customers with:

  • Premium Flooring
  • Installing New Components
  • Full-Scale Overhaul

We are a trusted Brampton remodeler with experience and industry knowledge. We perform quality work to leave a beautiful, new kitchen for your family to enjoy. Call our Zip Contracting team now at (226) 558-1959. 

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