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Fire Damage Restoration Service in Brampton

Fire damage restoration service in Brampton is an everyday staple of fire recovery services professionals provide homes after these disasters occur. As challenging as these circumstances might be, we can work quickly to meet controlled demolition and reconstruction demands to help return your home to normal as fast as possible. 

Types of Fire Damage Restoration in Brampton Can Experience 

To begin fire damage restoration service in Brampton homes or businesses, our contracting team must understand the damages they can expect. A fire loss incident is overwhelming to a household, spreading multiple effects throughout the building that impact its appearance, smell, and structural integrity. Thorough inspections and a strong relationship with trusted restoration partners allow us to meet your residence’s repair and reconstruction needs as necessary. Some of the ways your home can suffer after a fire include the following:

Soot Surface Damage  

Partial combustion creates soot, one of the most overwhelming aspects of fire damage restoration and cleanup needs a property will have. Various types of smoke damage might require different cleaning approaches, but homeowners should prepare for the likelihood of needing controlled demolition. The presence of soot on surfaces can stain and mar the exposed elements, often making it easier to replace these components rather than attempt expensive and time-consuming cleaning. 

Another aspect of the soot damage that homes can experience is corrosivity. Produced carbon particles have a low pH value, so it has a higher acidity than neutral particulates. While restorers can use cleaning products to increase alkalinity and ease surface cleanup, acidic particles do not take long to destroy sensitive substrates and require them to be refinished or removed entirely. We must assess the salvageability of these structural elements for how to proceed. 

Water Damage

Extinguishing a fire often comes from installed suppression systems in commercial structures like sprinklers or through the fast response of fire fighting brigades that hook up to hydrants and use excessive amounts of water to smother active flames. With the fire out, this new water in the structure is also a pressing obstacle to returning a property to pre-loss condition. Effective fire damage restoration requires the management of pooling water and moisture.

Drying up surface materials can include a range of products like:

  • Air movers
  • Dehumidifiers
  • Portable heaters
  • Extraction devices
  • Wet vacuums

Malodour Damage 

Another way that fires can impact the building materials of your home is through the production of harsh malodours. It is common for burning smells to migrate through a structure. Due to the porosity of building materials, these installed elements can absorb and trap offensive odours when their pores are enlarged under the warm conditions of a fire. When it is determined to be more cost-efficient, which is possible with materials like drywall, it can be preferred to have our Zip Contracting team demolish and reinstall building materials holding strong smells to help customers breathe easier after a fire.

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