Zip Improves Fire Damage Restoration Service in Mississauga

Fire Damage Restoration Service 

While you cannot always prevent the conditions that require fire damage restoration services in Mississauga homes, you can choose the teams involved to help recover your property and reconstruct or repair it as needed. As a reputable reconstruction firm for the Peel Region, we have a strong partnership with SERVPRO to provide the build-back services necessary for water, flood, and fire restoration.

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What Structural Damage Results from a Fire Damage? 

Understanding what repairs and reconstruction are needed around fire damage restoration services in Mississauga can help to ensure that you get started with the services required to help. We carefully evaluate the conditions of your residence to determine what materials are salvageable and what reconstruction and repair services are needed to get you back to your home as soon as possible. Zip helps with the following:

  • Internal Wall Systems – Many wall systems separate the areas of your home that are comprised of only a few components, all of which are combustible. Damaged load-bearing wall systems must have a support system in place to prevent greater destruction of the residence.
  • Ceiling/Floor Assemblies – The floors of your home and the ceiling system of the main level in your house are often comprised of the same base elements. As fires spread, corrosive soot particles circulate throughout the property, damaging ceiling and flooring systems even when direct combustion did not occur.
  • Attic Fire Damages – Fires can spread rapidly through the attic, especially when electrical components in this upper area of a residence are where ignition occurs.
  • Integrity Inspections – You cannot understand how a fire damages a house’s structural components without thorough evaluations. The structure’s integrity is a crucial distinction showing where controlled demolition might be necessary.

Erecting Containment Barriers 

Containment can be important in how restoration crews like our SERVPRO partners respond to disasters. We are called upon to help slow the progression of fire loss effects in residences, which often means covering doorways and openings or sealing the intake and returning to the HVAC system that was likely running when the fire occurred.  

Post-Restoration Reconstruction Services 

One area our contracting team finds most helpful in following fire damage scenarios for homes and businesses is the reconstruction of a structure after these disasters. Combustion is destructive and ruinous, leaving little in the way of salvageable building materials and structural elements. Stripped down to the framework of your property, we can meticulously reinstall drywall, flooring, accent features, fixtures, and utilities. Finishing drywall and painting surfaces are the final touches in preparing the house for reoccupation after fire damage.

Choosing Zip Contracting to Help 

The choice of Zip Contracting for reconstruction and repairs can be an easy one for many in the Peel Region. We have become a recognizable name for quality work and professionalism, allowing word-of-mouth and positive sentiments on review forums to help build our case as a credible choice. We strive to provide efficient solutions and quality results and to be honest with customers regarding the work their home needs.
Zip Contracting is a preferred reconstruction team following fire damage restoration service in Mississauga homes. We can help your property in multiple ways, from demolition to new construction. Give us a call today at (226) 558-1959.

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