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Brampton Water Damage Restoration Service Steps

There are many steps and phases of water damage restoration service for Brampton homes and businesses. Zip Contracting professionals have established relationships with reputable restoration firms to seamlessly work on returning damaged property to pre-loss condition. There are several typical phases of the reconstruction and repair services we provide a restoration plan, including:

  • Eliminating Damaged Structure
  • Protecting Contents
  • Utility Repairs
  • Full Reconstruction

Controlled Demolition 

A priority of the Brampton homes’ water damage restoration service is building materials’ structural integrity. After saturation, elements like ceiling drywall can begin to sag or collapse. Controlled demolition focuses on necessary steps to identify weakened building materials and remove them safely from the residence. This controlled demolition aims to prevent a more widespread tear-out of materials and provide a stable foundation to install new materials when this reconstruction and repair phase approaches following restoration.

Moving Contents from the Damaged Areas

Content relocation and management is another aspect of Brampton homes’ water damage restoration service. Our contractors can rapidly inspect and assess the condition of personal belongings, furniture, fabrics, and other items for their salvageability. Some objects will only require removal to another housing area to vacate the damaged path. In contrast, different situations might need more direct intervention, such as packing and transporting items to an off-site facility for safekeeping or advanced cleaning. 

Our work with professional SERVPRO restorers ensures that the needed restoration and recovery for these items get started as soon as possible so that personal belongings are returned to the structure as soon as it is safe. 

Water Damage Repairs in Brampton

Repairs are an essential part of the total recovery solution that  Zip Contracting provides homeowners. Burst or damaged plumbing, for instance, must be accessed and replaced. We can provide an inspection of this plumbing network for any at-risk areas, connections, or fixtures that we can remedy before additional damage results in the future. 

Many residences still use copper service lines, which can deteriorate over time based on their flow and pressure conditions. External factors can also play a role in the deterioration or weakening of the plumbing system and its respective fittings, such as prolonged exposure to adverse conditions like frigid temperatures or rodent activity. 

Our water damage restoration service for Brampton homes involves several steps and stages to resolve the threat to a structure fully. Zip Contracting has become a trusted name through the Peel Region and Greater Toronto for swift rebuilds after water disasters. Call us today at (226) 558-1959.

New Construction and Finishing

The final phase of projects requiring our water restoration and repair services is fully reconstructing the impacted areas. Where controlled demolition was needed, new drywall gets installed to the studs. Dried subflooring can get covered with new wood plank or padding and carpeting based on the material removed or the client’s wishes. The final steps in this construction phase involve finishing touches like completing drywall and repainting. Adding New Varnish or Lacquering and resetting tile.

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