Zip Provides Quality Kitchen Remodeling for Mississauga Homes 

Why Mississauga Kitchen Remodeling Now? 

With fluctuations in material costs and changing trends, it can never feel like the right time to solidify your plans for kitchen remodelling in Mississauga homes. Zip Contracting can help educate you on your options and the best approaches to breathing new life into a kitchen with less-invasive upgrades or more involved makeovers. Changing a kitchen focuses on several areas:

  • Cabinets
  • Countertops
  • Fixtures
  • Lighting
  • Flooring
  • Appliances
  • Amenities

Kitchen remodelling for Mississauga homes does not have to take up one of the high-traffic areas of your home for months. We have several strategies that can greatly improve the kitchen’s appearance without the higher costs and invasiveness of new layouts and full construction.

Smaller Kitchen Remodels to Consider

Smaller-scale makeovers for your kitchen are ideal when the layout and functionality of this room are already ideal, but some modern improvements to the cosmetic appeal could be helpful. There are specific ways that our Zip Contracting team can provide minimally invasive yet significant changes to the way your kitchen looks. These can include:

  • Painting or Finishing Cabinets – Resurfacing hung cabinet units and doors can save money on replacing these elements and still provide a new look to the kitchen. Stains and varnishes can also change the appearance of cabinetry.  
  • New Fixtures – Plumbing fixtures and hardware are subtle changes to make in the kitchen but can complement changing aesthetics. Changing faucets and sinks is often a quick process, making it an easy addition to a project list.
  • Setting in New Countertops – From stone to granite and decorative concrete, there are hundreds of options with new counters that can change the room’s look.
  • New Lighting Options – New light housing and warmer bulbs create a more inviting kitchen space. 

Less Invasive Kitchen Remodelling in Mississauga

You might wish to do more than the most superficial changes and opt for intricate installations we can do as a remodeler in Mississauga. While many might opt for the allure of a completely redesigned kitchen from the floors to the ceiling, which our Zip team can certainly do, others might just want to make a few substantial changes that impact the overall appearance of the space. Some of these can include: 

  • New Cabinets – New cabinets add texture, depth, and colour schemes to your household. 
  • Premium Flooring – Installing luxury plank flooring, ceramic tile, or other premium floorings dramatically changes the look of your kitchen. 
  • Installing an Island – Islands provide versatility for your kitchen, including extra counter space, seating, storage, and space for appliances or range tops.

Completing a Kitchen Remodel After Disasters

Fires, floods, and water damage often require substantial demolition to the impacted room, like a kitchen. This provides an ideal time for homeowners to consider potential layout upgrades, new components for the kitchen, and modern fixtures. With much of this reconstruction required already to return the property to its original condition, it is a wise time to evaluate how kitchen remodelling in Mississauga homes makes sense.

When you are wondering if now is the best time for kitchen remodelling in Mississauga homes, the truth is, there is rarely a bad time when you have the attentiveness and quality craftsmanship of Zip Contracting to help. As a trusted remodeler in Mississauga, we help bring your vision to life with a beautiful new look on solid bones in your kitchen. Give us a call at (226) 558-1959.

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